10 Music Production Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

Relevant music production blogs can be a great source for finding new creative techniques, inspiration and updates on your favourite artists. Get your bookmark bar ready. Here are 10 of the best music production blogs you need to follow right now. 

A top-notch space for music production tutorials with a focus on Ableton-specific shortcuts and workflow improvements. Easy-to-read, lots of visuals and regularly updated. Freebie sample packs pop up now and then too! 

Ableton Blog
This one may seem obvious, but I didn't actually know Ableton had a blog until a few years into using the program. High-quality production videos, interviews and tips with some of best names in electronic music.  

Envato Tuts
Hundreds of articles that break down audio concepts in simple terms. Covers a wide range of topics that are helpful for producers, vocalists, musicians and bands. 

Heroic Academy
Straight-forward articles on music production, mixing and general music industry fare. You'll also see more business-related articles, like starting a record label, marketing yourself and selling music. 

Sonic Scoop
A wide range of topics within recording, mixing and mastering. All very valuable information, typically geared toward the intermediate producer. Updated twice a week, so you know the content is fresh!

Create Digital Music
While there aren't a ton of tutorials on CDM, there are great tech articles, interviews and unique production videos that will keep you inspired. 

Beat Mecca
Mostly geared toward hip-hop and R&B producers, Beat Mecca hosts artist interviews and industry news. Their series 'In The Lab' is the one to watch: in-studio videos from some of the biggest producers in the game. 

The online mastering giants also have a great blog dedicated to production tutorials, VSTs and, well, mastering. Lots of great content to choose from, and a huge benefit to beginner producers.    

Attack Magazine
These guys are always on the money—simple tutorials that show you how to make niche electronic music styles of music in minutes. Also, plenty of no-nonsense top 10 tech lists.  

Recording Revolution
More traditional production tutorials put together by total pros. You'll find how-to articles for recording, mixing and mastering, valuable to anyone working with other musicians, vocalists or bands. 

There are a lot of music production blogs out there. This list includes some of the best tutorials and articles that will take your production skills to the next level. Whether you're looking to write EDM leads, program Trap 808s or record drums at home, these blogs have you covered. 

Are there any other blogs we should have included in the list? Let us know below.

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