Free Plugin: Valhalla Freq Echo by ValhallaDSP

Today we want to let you know about one of our favourite delay plug-ins—the FreqEcho—courtesy of Sean Costello AKA ValhallaDSP. Grab it here for free!

The interface is simple and easy to follow—whenever you hover your mouse over a knob, a ‘tooltip’ will pop up below, letting you know exactly how each component of the plug-in works.  

You can use the FreqEcho for a subtle chorus effect, or let loose with the frequency shifter and feedback levels to get some very trippy tones. Also included are low and high cut filters to give you extra control over the feedback signal.

With just six main parameters, The Valhalla FreqEcho is a surprisingly capable plug-in that will help you tease out some fun and unexpected sounds.

Daniel Dixon

Daniel is a music producer with a love for breakbeats and basslines. Content writer at Outro.
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