8 of The Best Free Reverb VST Plugins

ACON Digital Reverb Solo

Reverb is the result of sounds bouncing off reflective surfaces. It occurs naturally whenever someone sings, talks or plays music. You can really hear the effect of reverberation in a cathedral or indoor pool.  

As an effects unit, reverb is used to reproduce the sonic qualities of a space. It alters and enhances individual sounds and instruments to give the impression they were recorded in an environment other than your studio, like a concert hall, outdoors or somewhere completely made up. 

Every producer should have a few go-to reverbs in their production toolkit, so we rounded up some of our favourites. 

Check out these 8 free reverb VST plugins. 


Reverb Solo by Acon Digital

Reverb solo is a great plugin because it's so easy to use. There are only two parameters: use the dial in the centre to adjust reverb colour and the horizontal bar below for the dry/wet. While it is limited in it’s scope, that’s sort of the point. Slap this on just about anything to get an effective reverb without having to worry about a dozen different parameters. 

Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows. Download here

Acon Digital Reverb Solo


Tal-Reverb-4 by TAL

The Tal-Reverb 4 is the standalone version of the reverb used in the TAL-Samplers. It delivers clean and lush sounding reverbs that will add shine and mid-range goodness to your tracks. Simple to use and highly recommended! Might as well try out the equally awesome reverb TAL-2 while you're at it. 

Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows. Download free here

TAL Reverb 4


Ambience by Smartelectronix

Ambience excels at making complex, trippy spaces but can also be used well in more reserved applications. This reverb has a well-designed interface with lots of useful features, including a gate and hold function. A powerful plugin that is on-par with some of the best commercial reverbs out there. 

Compatible with Mac OS 9 and higher and Windows. Download free here

Ambience Smartelectronix


OldSkoolVerb by Voxengo

As you would expect, the OldSkoolVerb is a classic-sounding stereo reverb, best at creating wide-open and clear sonic spaces. It's a straight forward reverb that comes with a variety of presets to get you started. Adjust parameters with the knobs, or punch in specific numbers for extra precision. Best used on vocals, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it in other ways. 

Compatible with Mac OSX 10.7 and Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Download free here

OldSkoolVerb Voxengo


Roboverb Reverb

Roboverb is a robotic voice reverb plugin perfect for trial and error experimentation. Flip the ‘Chamber’ switches to find a reverb setting you like without having to fuss with a series of knobs or complicated parameters. A one of a kind reverb that will give you a unique sound. 

Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows. Download free here


Sanford Reverb by Leslie Sanford

An absolute beast of a reverb that works for just about anything from small rooms to massive spaces, while keeping a crisp sound. The left and right channel each have three reflections that can be independently set. In combination with the filter section, output tone and wildcard modulation, Sandford gives you serious control over your reverb. 

Compatible with Windows only. Download free here

Sanford Reverb


epicVerb by Variety of Sound

A versatile reverb that can simulate both tight rooms and epic cathedrals without losing it's warm character. epicVerb includes standard values like time, damp, and pre-delay, and more advanced parameters like tail modulation, high/low pass filters and reflection control. 

Compatible with Windows only. Download free here

EpicVerb Variety of Sound


Proverb by U-he

Proverb is a delay-based reverb that is perfect for generating whacky and weird effects thanks to it’s settings randomizer. If you come across a great setting, or make one you want to share, you can submit it to the U-he website. Recommended for the more adventurous music creators.

Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows. Download free here

Proverb U-he


Better Reverb Means Better Music

When used properly, reverb can take a track from amateur to professional. It's an essential tool that every producer needs to use.  

Not sure where to start when applying reverb? Here are a few classic uses:

  • Add a small room reverb to drum breaks and loops to make them sound bigger
  • Use a massive sweeping reverb for synths and guitars for an 80s vibe
  • Push your reverb parameters to the limit for otherworldly, evolving spaces
  • Apply it subtly to vocals for a better mix

How do you use reverb in your productions? We wanna know. 

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