6 Free VST Plugins For A Fresh Start

"To some extent I happily don't know what I'm doing. I feel that it's an artist's responsibility to trust that."
- David Byrne (Talking Heads)

We like to think that the best ideas come from being outside our comfort zone. Switching things up in the musical process keeps things fresh and allows for more spontaneous creation.

It's also a great way to hark back to simpler times when you got your first DAW and producing even the most basic sounds made you giddy. 

So here are 6 free VST plugins that we've used to take our music in new directions.

The TAL-Tube is a saturation plugin perfect for adding some extra analogue umpf to drums and digital sounds. If you've ever wanted to experiment with grittier textureshere's your ticket. Add a subtle crunch to your tracks or opt for a more distorted sound by ramping up the TAL-Tube's values. 

Grab it for free here


Panipulator - Boz Digital Labs

Being able to listen to your mix across a variety of sound systems will help to uncover flaws you may not have heard in your studio. Trouble isyou can't just turn up at the club and hi-jack the aux cord to play your latest banger. The Panipulator provides the ultimate solutionlisten to what your mix sounds like in different environments, giving you the extra information needed to make your tracks sound consistent no matter where you play them. A must have! 

Grab it for free here


Hypercyclic - Mucoder

If you're looking to take a total 180 production-wiselook no further. Hypercyclic is an LFO-based arpeggiator designed to add a "pleasant randomness" to your tracks. Comes with a groove function to move your beats off the grid and the ability to modulate step sequencer step size for a stutter effect. Fun for days!

Grab it for free here


MOscilloscope - MeldaProduction

An oscilloscope is a fun and helpful tool that allows you to 'visualize' your sound.  Being able to see your sound can help you discover resonant frequencies bugging up your mix. 

Quick note: the download comes with additional plugins by MeldaProduction, which can be de-selected during the installation process. 

Grab it for free here


Digits 2 - Extent of the Jam

This phase distortion synth is based on the classic Casio CZ series. Expect a retro 80s sound complete with warm pads, massive filter sweeps and soaring leads. A simple interface with more than 100 presetslisten to this demo to hear them. 

Grab it for free here


Hysteresis - Glitchmachines

Hystereris is one the weirdos. It's capable of producing classic delay effects but is best used to produce complex glitch mutations inline with Amon Tobin's more experimental work. Intuitive user interface with tons of processing optionsall of which are all clearly labeledthat will send your music into unknown territory in no time. 

Grab it for free here

What are you favourite VST plugins from the list? Let us know in the comments below. 


Daniel Dixon

Daniel is a music producer with a love for breakbeats and basslines. Content writer at Outro.
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