Free Kontakt Libraries and VSTs from BigCat Instruments

Joe Stevens AKA BigCat Instruments calls himself a “frustrated musician.”

Growing up, he tried playing instruments and singingneither of which of panned out. While most people would see this as a barrier to having a career in music, Stevens found a way around it.

After coming across a discounted copy of Cakewalk on Steam, Stevens began tinkering with MIDI synths, sequencing and samplingexcited by the potential of playing just one of two notes.

This would begin a pastime of searching for digital instruments and sharing them on various music community onlineor what Stevens calls “an obsession with free instruments and lists.”

Today, Stevens (with help from Internet friends Matt McKay and Sam Gossner) develops orchestral Kontakt libraries and VSTs, used by producers all around the world. His first Kontakt library, The City Piano was put together three years ago. Wanting to give people an alternative to using cracked software, Stevens started making standalone VSTs using Maize shortly after.

His recent projects include building and updating Orchestral Romplers for both the Sonatina and VSCO2 community orchestras, available for free

Driven by a goal to help beginner musicians, Stevens plans to collect and organize all freely available orchestral instruments online into a single Kontakt library for download.

Keep an eye on his blogs and free digital instruments here and here.

*quotes and backstory are taken from our interview with Stevens. 

Daniel Dixon

Daniel is a music producer with a love for breakbeats and basslines. Content writer at Outro.