Mysterious R&B Band The Trp on Creativity and Collaboration

The Trp have been steadily building a buzz since the release of their 2014 LP 'Yahuda,' a collaboration with Atlanta-based vocalist Dos Global. Collectively the band choose to keep their identities a secret, quietly releasing tracks through their Soundcloud every few months. Their latest—'U Bit,' featuring vocals from Jasmine racked up 10k plays in just three days.  

Building off 'Yahuda,' The Trp have honed in on a slinky brand of electronic R&B that takes cues from 1990s-era Neptunes and the more woozy strains of UK Bass. Over email, we spoke with The Trp about their creative process, collaboration and turning dreams into music. 

Download their sample pack, a collection of tropical synths, glitchy melodies and hard-hitting drums on Outro. 

Your songs, artwork and website make references to space travel and alien life, a recurring theme across many genres. Why do you think artists continue to be interested in these ideas?

I think the unknown is really fascinating to people, especially artists. Because there’s so much that isn’t defined or known, so we can be really creative.

How would you describe or classify the genre The Trp is exploring?

Inter-dimensional travel music.

How did your music evolve to where it is today?

Trial and error. Counting in iTunes there’s about 3,000 songs we’ve made, most are rough drafts, but they’re all times we’ve sat down and created something worthy of an export. We’re constantly creating and have been honing in for years. But it’s just only recently we’ve started to actually release music.

Who / what are your major influences?

Dali. Terrence McKenna. Fela Kuti. Pokemon. Arthur. Nike. Soundcloud. Playstation 2.


You've put out tracks with Dos Global, Kitty Cash and now Jasmine. How does your collaboration process work? 

The process depends on who we’re collaborating with. I guess our process is creating an environment where their most comfortable to express themselves fully. That’s where the gold will come from.

There’s only upside with collaborating, we’re very selective about who we work with and it’s always just been friends, so it’s been really easy.

How do you use Outro in your creative process? 

We use it for sampling. There’s so many awesome sounds on here that we’re excited to chop up and play around with. 

Do you have any tips for young producers getting started?

The most important thing is to never stop learning and never become complacent. If you have a question in the back of your mind, Google it. But also actively seek out new shit to learn online about music and producing.

What's been your biggest challenge so far as a group? 

The biggest challenge has been figuring out how to turn our lucid dreams into sounds. I think we’re almost there, but some kinda dream recorder would be dope.

What's next for The Trp? Any upcoming releases?

Dancing with the stars. Some weird music videos. Our first solo EP. Our own weed strain. Some trippy collabs. Some nostalgic clothing.

Sample Pack Download: The Trp: Alien R&B on Outro

Daniel Dixon

Daniel is a music producer with a love for breakbeats and basslines. Content writer at Outro.
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