Torn Petals: Sound Design For The Club


Torn Petals is the latest project from producer, DJ and video artist Didier Iglesias. Over the past year, the Montrealer has built a strong reputation in his city's DIY scene for an IDM-inspired sound well-suited for both the club and home listening. He released his debut EP nomore# just last week, along with a top-notch music video for dancefloor stomper 'All Will Fall'. 

There's an unpredictable nature to Iglesias' work—he's just as likely to release murky chopped and screwed edits as he is a mix of twitchy techno or a high-throttle breakbeat jam. But in nearly everything he puts out you can hear a lurking menace—brought on by his signature mutating basslines, fierce drums and the hazy fog that coats it all.  

Iglesias' Outro catalog, Grainscapes, is made up of cinematic soundscapes, field recordings and twisted guitars. Think Arca meets Imre Kiss. Then throw that thought through your favourite granular time-stretch plugin. It's a chilling collection of sounds well-suited for Electroacoustic exploration and film scoring. 

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++ Check out his video work as No# here













Daniel Dixon

Daniel is a music producer with a love for breakbeats and basslines. Content writer at Outro.
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