Vintage Sounds from Dan Only

Toronto-based producer Dan Only (real name Danny Voicu) isn't shy about his love for vintage hardware: "it's like getting a chance to play with the best session players in the game". With a studio that boasts some of the most sought-after production gear including the TB-303, Juno 60 and SH-101, Voicu produces music that deftly maneuvers between the deeper ends of techno and the playfulness of classic house. 

Voicu's Outro sample pack, Studio 904 Samples, was created using the machines listed above (plus a few others), and explores the classic synth and drum sounds that have shaped electronic music for more than 30 years. Paying his respects to the man behind the machines, he made a point to mention: "none of these sounds would have been possible without the founder of Roland, Ikutaro Kakehashi [...] few have been able to contribute such a distinct palette into the world of music, especially that of electronic music".

Filled with playful synth loops, wonky basslines and percussive grooves, the sounds of Studio 904 are the perfect source material for your next dancefloor banger. 

Be sure to keep your ears peeled for Dan Only's upcoming EP on Seb Wildblood's new label, All My Thoughts, later this year. You can also catch him twisting knobs on his trusty synths as a member of the River Tiber live show.

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Daniel Dixon

Daniel is a music producer with a love for breakbeats and basslines. Content writer at Outro.
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