Rick Haworth on Le Studio Morin Heights

  Photo: François Pesant Le Devoir

Photo: François Pesant Le Devoir

It's a bit hard to explain what Le Studio was like. It wasn't about having a ton of gear. That's a more recent thing. An SSL desk, 1 AMS verb, 1 AMS delay, a Yamaha verb, an Ursa Major Space Station (I loved that thing), a couple of Rca compressors, some nice mics, 2Studer 24 tracks, 2 1/4" machines and that's about it. The engineers that worked there also had some of their stuff there. A Neve side-car, pultec eq's 1176 compressors. Good stuff but not a ton of it.

The piano was a Yamaha. Not breathtaking. The room was comfortable and flexible. 

The 3 things that made the place special were:

The site. Just a beautiful, relaxing place.

The history. When you walked in and saw the displays of all the records made there, you felt big. So now you've got to play up to that level.

The staff. Unbelievably great. Every person there made you feel good. The office people, breakfast ladies, assistants, techs, everyone. And the engineers were incredible. These guys were into vintage gear way before anybody. And they knew all the coolest tricks. And if a technique didn't exist, they'd invent one. These guys made me sound way better than I was.

I learned an awful lot there. Had some fun, worked long, hard hours.

Made some cool records.

I feel very fortunate to have experienced Le Studio firsthand.

There you go. It must be "Old Guy Memories Day"!


- Rick Haworth

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